Reproductive and Child Health training & Administrative Unit

Revised norms of TA/DA for Group A, B, C and D for all RCH Trainings

Coordination of Training and Monitoring of ProgrammePerformance under NRHM / RCH II

MOHFW GOI identified NIHFW as National Nodal Agency for coordinating the training under RCH in December 1997. NIHFW carried out the assigned task of development of prototype modules, training curricula & other training materials, coordinating training, conducting training of Master Trainers and monitoring the training in various parts of the country during RCH I. NIHFW was assisted in this task by 18 CTIs.

Subsequently in April 2006 after initiation of NRHM and RCH II, NIHFW was identified as National Nodal Agency for coordinating training under NRHM (both RCH and Disease Control)and was also entrusted with the responsibility of evolving a training strategy for integration oftraining for each category of personnel under various vertical programmes. NIHFW successfullycompleted the assigned tasks and a National training strategy was evolved accordingly and is uploaded on MOHFW, GOI website.

In December 2007, NIHFW was also given the additional responsibility of monitoring performance for certain aspects of RCH programme in the country especially high focus states.

Recent mandate given by the MoHFW GoI for the NRHM/RCH unit to focus more on quality of the training under NRHM. NIHFW would be assisted by 22 CTIs for carrying out the tasks of coordination training and monitoring performance. It is expected from NIHFW and CTIs to carry out their activities of coordination and monitoring of all the trainings with special emphasis on quality assurance

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The TOR for NIHFW to undertake the above tasks of coordinating training under NRHM and monitoring programme performance are given below:

A. Training:

- To organise, coordinate and monitor training in the country.
- To upgrade the competence of Family Welfare personnel and managers to provide technically sound, client centered and gender sensitive RCH and NRHM services.
- To sensitise on NRHM/RCH - II and population stabilization issues by holding orientation training programmes for Government officials / NGOs / PRIs etc. at the State level.
- To involve other government departments in promotion of NRHM/ RCH programme by team training for convergence of services.
- To release funds for training related activities to States and Training Institutions (Govt/NGO/Private sectors) as and when required.
- To review the physical achievements and financial progress of various training programmes.
- Any other training related activities assigned by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare from time to time.

B. Monitoring:

- To assist MOHFW in assessing performance or implementation of various RCH activities in districts.
- To analyse various MIS data / survey reports and give suggestions for corrective action.
- To assist the states and districts in prioritising activities as per their needs and planning the implementation of services according to district priorities and performance, using data from routine reports and survey like DLHS.


- To review state PIPs and assist states, districts through training institutions, in formulation of integrated training plans at State and District levels under the NRHM/RCH - II programme so as to :

(i) avoid unnecessary duplication;
(ii) ensure there are no critical gaps in the training plans; and
(iii) coordinate scheduling of training with other programme inputs such as equipment, drugs, civil works, IEC and NGO activities.

- To coordinate :

(i) training financed by the Department of Health and Family Welfare in NRHM/ RCH 2 pertaining to management, clinical, interpersonal counseling skills and communications (IEC) issues, and
(ii) Sensitiation / Orientation on convergence of related programmes of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and other concerned ministry , as requested by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

- To coordinate the development and/or adaptation as necessary, of model training curriculam facilitators guides and prototype manuals / materials and provide such materials to state training institutions, collaborating centres and training centres for local adaptation and use as per requirement.

- To assist MOHFW in the development of guidelines and clinical management protocols for various components of NRHM/ RCH - II and ensure that such protocols are integrated into training activities.
- To identify suitable collaborating institutions form Government, NGO and private/corporate sector as per the requirement and to organise training of trainers of these institutions.
- To review the work of the collaborative institutions periodically and to provide regular feedback to the Training Division, MOHFW, Govt. of India, States and Collaborating Training Institutions.
- To review and release funds for CTIs and also some of state and district training plans with assistance from collaborating centres so as to reduce unnecessary duplication and ensure optimum utilisation of training funds wherever necessary.
- To develop a system of proficiency certification for trainees, by

(a) Establishing criteria for proficiency certification for clinical skills training of different categories of health providers.
(b) Designing prototype formats for such certification with the assistance of collaborating centres.
(c) Providing orientation as required on the certification process and (d) monitoring of proficiency certificates awarded.

- To coordinate selection and assist MOHFW for appointment of suitable agencies / institutions from Government, NGO and private corporate sector in accordance with guidelines in respect of the following:

1. Selection of Training Institutions of Medical Officers / Specialists for training as per requirement.
2. Selection of resource persons / institutions for conducting Management Training for Health administrators at District, Division and State levels as and when required.

- To conduct orientation course for master trainers of collaborating agencies / institutions and specialised training institutions appointed for this purpose and also to implement training of trainer's courses.

- Monitoring and Evaluation of Training Programmes:

1. To monitor and supervise both qualitative and quantitative achievements of training being conducted by the States at all levels proposed in RCH - II PIPs and under NRHM and also effectively coordinate and implement trainings entrusted to it by the MOHFW.

2. To review with MOHFW, State representative and relevant experts the continued relevance of training course every year and make necessary changes in curricula and training materials as and when required.

3. To monitor the implementation and outcome of the training components of NRHM including RCH II programme.


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