जन स्वास्थ्य पर व्याख्यान श्रृंखला

Lecture- 3 Evolution of National Programmes to Improve Food Security Prof. Prema RamachandranProf. Prema RamachandranClick to View PPT
Lecture- 4 Disappearing Daughters Dr.Saraswati RajuDr.Saraswati RajuClick to View PPT
Lecture- 5 Public Lecture Millennium Development Goals: Past, Present and Future Dr.Sanjiv KumarDr.Sanjiv KumarClick to View PPT
Lecture- 6 The Challenge and Promise of Innovation in Strategic Health Communications Dr.Sanjeev KumarDr.Sanjeev KumarClick to View PPT
Lecture- 7 Health Financing for Universal Coverage Prof.Indrani GuptaProf.Indrani GuptaClick to View PPT